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Our mission is to be the fragrance of Jesus to those we welcome and serve.

People are our passion, coffee is our front door, and art is our story. 


Hey there! From right to left we are Jonathan & Lauren Shepherd and Maddie & Christian Bowman. We are lifelong friends that through a series of events have found ourselves opening up a coffee house & art gallery! Check out our blog posts to get the full story! 

We are collectively passionate about a lot of different things but a few we share, and it's those shared passions that led us to partnering in PHAROS. It's our firm belief that art, creativity, AND community was an intentional design by a loving Creator and we want to share Him with anyone and everyone. Our plan is to be an active presence in the arts community & in San Antonio, Tx that offers respite from division while celebrating creativity by attributing the gifts to the Giver.






We aren't, selecting our coffee was a pretty big decision. After research, tasting, & much deliberation we settled on a roaster who not only had a great product, but also an inspiring mission. We proudly partner with a non profit called, "The Coffee Hunter Project", whose mission is to alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions, one cup at a time. You can check them out HERE to see what they do and how they do it!

We serve a variety of espresso drinks, medium and dark single origin coffee, chai lattes, tea, and more! You'll often hear us ask the question "How may we caffeinate you today?" and it's our hope that we are able to serve YOU soon!

"Pharos of Alexandria" was the first lighthouse ever built. As the 7th wonder of the world it was the most wondrous feat of mankind at its time second only to the pyramids. The lighthouse, "Pharos", was lit by a huge flame that signaled safety & home to those out at sea. As we all know, the purpose of a lighthouse is to bring in ships that were struggling to find the shore. Our hope for Pharos of San Antonio is that through the comfort of coffee and the allure of the arts, we can offer hope and "home" to all who seek to find it.

Image by Mark  Daynes



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