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Jonathan & Lauren Shepherd


"Our vision is to open a gallery styled coffee house that is quite literally half art gallery and half coffee house. We plan to create an atmosphere where artists, locals, and people of all ages, demographics, and beliefs can find respite from the division and animosity that is ravaging our society while experiencing a taste of what they were created for..."


Christian & Maddie Bowman

Founding Partners

"When we think about this gallery + coffee house we want it to be a place where the moment you walk in you feel like you belong. Whether you are an artist, an art lover, a coffee fanatic, local business owner, neighbor from down the street or random person walking by, the minute you step in our door you feel welcomed and known by a God who loves you..."


Clay & Whitney Burkholder
Current Owners

"Our vision is to see San Antonio changed by Jesus through coffee and baked goods. God has gifted us with talents and creativity to use for Him- and this is our outlet. We want to see this business and it's ministry grow in it's impact for reaching people. This is not your average coffee shop, but a coffee shop with a vision. Help us grow our lighthouse."

Want to hear more and see how you can help? We'd love to talk!
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