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Double Shot  $2.00

2oz of espresso

*Latte   $4.50

Double Shot + 8oz of steamed whole milk

Cappuccino   $4.00

Double Shot + 6oz of steamed frothy whole milk 

Cortado  $3.00

Double Shot + 2oz of steamed whole milk

*Americano $3.00

Double Shot + 10oz water

*Chai Latte $4.00

Equal parts sweet chai concentrate + steamed whole milk  

*Dirty Chai Latte  $4.00

Double shot + Sweet chai concentrate + steamed whole milk

Hot Chocolate  $3.50




Espresso  $1.00

Oat Milk OR Almond Milk $1.00

Honey  $.50

Vanilla, Mocha, Salted Caramel, Pure Cane Sugar, (seasonal options)


*Can be ordered hot or iced

Hot drinks served in 12oz cups (Exception : Cappuccino & Cortado - 8oz cup)

Cold drinks served in 16oz cups

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