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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Time for an update. We had a little too much to share for a single Instagram post so here's the full update, story, and "plan" for the coming months. Let me start by saying that the past year, (yes it's almost been a YEAR) has been simply extraordinary. Since launching PHAROS with our first pop-up market in Southtown, October of 2020, we've seen God do some pretty amazing things with some pretty amazing people. If you've followed us on social media you'll know we acquired a small trailer which has affectionately become known as "the PHAROS coffee truck". We've served River City Community Church every Sunday morning since October of last year, done multiple private events, served the city of Selma during the week at lookout Rd, and have done lots of pop-ups in the downtown area with our friends at Southtown Market Co. We've begun the very slow process of renovating our PHAROS home in Southtown and look forward to being able to focus more time and energy on that in the coming months. Let me explain...

We started this journey with a singular purpose; to be the fragrance of Jesus to those we welcome and serve. People are our passion, coffee is our front door, and art is our story. The hours of researching, YouTubing, experimenting, and fine tuning our coffee was with the intention of offering a product to the community that would be well received and reflect our desire for excellence in all that we do. Our front door. The blood, sweat, and tears spent creating art worth seeing was with the intention of telling a story that reflected the heart of God and His heart for His people. Our Story. The time, energy, and resources spent, the weekend and weeknight markets, the late nights, the early mornings, and everything in between was to build relationships with anyone God brought who might be longing for something more. Our passion. These are the "why's" behind PHAROS and it's what we were called by God to do.

We took the month of August off of serving coffee at our "regular" location and hours. Various trips, weddings, and family commitments made this break necessary but we didn't realize at the the time just how necessary. We spent significant time praying and asking God to redefine and solidify our mission and priorities as we approached the one year mark of PHAROS. So, without further ado, here are the changes that you should be aware of as we approach year two of PHAROS gallery + coffee house...

  1. We will no longer be holding regular coffee truck hours off of Lookout Rd. I KNOW. I KNOW. We closed for August in full anticipation of opening back up in September. However, our entire team felt pretty strongly that the time and energy it took to have regular hours seriously distracted and negatively impacted our ability to effectively participate in the arts community and engage the people of Southtown, where we will ultimately be located. Not to mention we were running the coffee truck while (all 4 of us) still have full time jobs! In order to be obedient to what God asked us to do in the first place and be good stewards in our other areas of leadership and responsibility, this was a hard but necessary decision.

  2. We will be launching "PHAROS Family Nights" in 2022! "Family Nights" will be an intentional time of engagement, relationship building, and Jesus seeking with the people we meet through markets and our time in Southtown. This is the next phase of PHAROS. We have been honored and overjoyed to meet so many awesome people and we want to have the opportunity to go deeper and build a community centered around Jesus, in Southtown! Details with when and where will be coming out on Instagram but this is the bread and butter of why we started PHAROS in the first place, and we can't wait to get started!

  3. Markets, Markets, Markets We will continue to partner with Southtown Market Co. and participate in as many markets as possible in the downtown San Antonio area! Some as just an art pop-up and some with the full coffee set-up, Instagram will let you know when and where we'll be so you can get your PHAROS fix.

  4. The PHAROS house renovations This process is moving a whole lot slower than we had originally hoped but it is moving, none-the-less! As soon as the inside of the house is up to standard, we will begin hosting "PHAROS Family Nights" there and hopefully some other art-centered events. We'll keep everyone updated and aware of workdays on Insta!

  5. PHAROS coffee @ River City Community Church If your heart is simply breaking that you won't be able to get PHAROS coffee Monday-Friday, let me turn your attention to Sunday! We will continue to serve every Sunday at River City Community Church from 8:30am - 12:30pm. You simply have to park in the main parking lot (side of the amphitheater) and we'll be set up right across from the main building where the church meets. We'd really love to see you!

Thank you so much, PHAROS supporter who read all the way to the end. Your continued support means more to us than you can know and we hope you'll stick around to see what else God has in store. Make sure you're following us on Instagram for updates and announcements as we head into fall!

We exist to be the fragrance of Jesus to those we welcome and serve. PEOPLE are our passion, COFFEE is our front door, and ART is our story.

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