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Bowmans On Board

And so we begin…

The journey to Pharos was something we weren’t looking for, didn’t expect and was never something we dreamed about. My name is Maddie Bowman and when my husband, Christian, and I began to pray over whether or not we wanted to take on this adventure with two of our best friends we were hit hard with the reality of what we would be walking away from. At the beginning of 2020 we decided we wanted to take our talents to Houston, TX. I am originally from Houston, my family lives in Houston and Christian was headed to my Alma Mater the University of Houston to finish his teaching degree. We were set and ready to go, but God had bigger plans.

My husband and I got married in October of 2019 and when we got married, we talked about who we wanted to be as a family. It was important that when it came to how we were going to live out our faith it would be reflected in our family values. We wanted people to feel loved and like they had a place at our table. That was it, it was simple. God knew this, He knew a few other things too. He knew that I had always wanted to start and build a business from the ground up. I have a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and Logistics, and I have always loved the idea of building a business. He knew that I wanted to help shape an organization that would typically not be faith based, run as a business that was Christ first business second. He knew my husband was built to talk, know and love people from any and all walks of life. He knew my husband wanted to help struggling young men in his community walk down a faith filled path that was hard for him as a youth to find alone. God knew these unspoken things about us and he sent us Pharos.

We may not have been looking for something like this, in fact we had pretty concrete plan that quite literally took us in the opposite direction of this place, but God knew these unspoken dreams and answered them in a very unlikely way. We are not great artists, we are not incredibly gifted when it comes to most kinds of creativity (I can color in the lines when truly focused), but God has given us a deep love for people and a heightened awareness to bring the lost near. When we think about this gallery + coffeehouse we want it to be a place that the moment you walk in you feel like you belong. Whether you are an artist, an art lover, a coffee fanatic, local business owner, neighbor from down the street or random person walking by the minute you step in our door you feel welcomed and known by a God who loves you more than can be expressed by me.

We are ready to take on whatever and whoever is coming, our door is open to you.

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